1. Make sure you are using local job boards!

You want to make sure your position is only with the local job boards and websites. They will have a very large following of just local people who will be able to see and apply for your position. Just Suffolk Jobs is Suffolk’s leading independent job board! So please get in touch if you would like to discuss your local advertising needs.

  1. Develop your referrals scheme

Referral schemes are absolutely vital for companies based in small or rural towns. A referral scheme will incentivise your current employees to recommend your vacancies and working for you as a company to their local network. Make sure your reward is attractive and generous. After all it would be saving you a lot of money in the long term!

  1. Consider people who would relocate

If you have been advertising for a while and have all of your employees working to a referral scheme but are still struggling to find candidates locally, it may be worth looking further afield and considering candidates who will relocate for the positions. Suffolk is a very desirable place to live and many people would be happy to swap their hectic city lives for somewhere more remote. Don’t just sell a job to a candidate, sell a lifestyle too!

  1. Could candidates perform the job remotely?

Another consideration would be remote working. Could the duties of your position be complete using a laptop, internet connection and a mobile phone? If so you could widen your search to people who have the skill set you require and easily work from home.

  1. Make your brand one people WANT to work for

If you take the time to improve the image and reputation of your company it will massively help attract candidate from afar to come and work for you.
Are you losing out on good talent because of your location? Find out more about Just Suffolk Jobs local recruitment advertising.

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