The perfect candidate for your position is out there, it’s deciding how to go about finding that perfect candidate and attracting them to YOUR job. Just Suffolk Jobs have taken the time to put 6 benefits of using online recruitment advertising…

Reduced Time-to-Hire –
Advertising yourself online allows a business to make immediate contact with the candidates applying for their positions, allowing for faster managing and filtering candidates and arranging interviews. Typically advertising online is on average 70% faster than other traditional hiring methods.
Reduced Cost-of-Hire –
Costs of advertising a job online can be up to 90% lower than using traditional hiring methods!! This is a HUGE saving! Online recruitment advertising works at a one off fixed fee, whereas Recruitment Agencies are charging as high as 25% of basic salary as a fee for them finding you the perfect candidate. Save yourself the money and advertise the jobs yourself. You’ll thank us for it later!
Wider Reach –
If you’re using an agency you are limiting yourself to just one channel as an agency will have its own database of candidates and access to a couple of job boards to source talent for you. Managing your own recruitment advertising online means you have the chance to gain exposure to a huge range of job seekers all across the internet through one channel and are increasing your chance of your advert being in the right place at the right time.
Branding Opportunity –
Candidates like to know exactly what company they are applying for a job with, so having a fully branded company advert will bring you in a lot more responses than any other recruitment method. However you do always shave the option to remain confidential. If you chose this method just ensure you give a good outline of your company and what you do.
More for Your Money –
Online advertising compared to traditional recruitment means more for your money as candidates are able to view and apply for your roles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
Build up your own database –
If someone applies online for your vacancy that isn’t quite right for the position you are recruiting for but really catches your eye because they have some excellent qualifications or previous experience, you can keep that candidate on file to contact in the first instance if something becomes available more suited to them.

The team here at Just Suffolk Jobs are here to help you every step of the way with your advertising. If these benefits haven’t convinced you that online advertising is the way forward then please view our customer testimonials page.
Ready to advertise but want some advice on what to write in your advert? Check out our Top 9 advertising mistakes to avoid! Our sales team are on hand to deal with any enquiries and to help you draft adverts online – 01473 849029.

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