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If you work hard, produce results and go above and beyond for your company, you may well be right in thinking that you deserve a pay rise. However, knowing that you deserve more money and asking for more money are two very different things. Getting up the courage to walk into your boss’ office and ask for an increase in pay can be difficult. So to help you get the money your hard work and dedication have earned, we’re revealing the secret to getting a pay rise in 2018.

Do your research

Before asking for a pay rise, you need to do your research. Begin by trying to learn as much as possible about your company’s payment structure. Find out if other people in similar positions to you are being paid more or less and compare your responsibilities and your contributions to those of your colleagues. If you don’t have any luck finding out how much others at your company are paid, take a look at Norfolk job ads to see how much other companies are paying people with your skill set.

The more information you have about how much your qualifications and experience are worth, the easier it will be for you to work out how much of a pay rise you deserve.

Choose your time wisely

Often, the key to securing a pay rise is timing. Bosses are much more likely to consider your request for a pay rise if you ask them at an opportune moment. Try to avoid scheduling a meeting first thing on Monday morning or late on Friday afternoon. If your company is experiencing an especially busy period, it’s also a good idea to wait until this hectic time is over and things have returned to normal.

What’s more, if your bosses have just announced a pay or hiring freeze or if your company has posted bad results for the previous quarter, it’s likely your request won’t go down well. Waiting for a better time to ask for a pay increase will give your request a much better chance of success.

Be confident

If you’ve done your homework and are confident in your abilities, you’ll know that you’re worth more to your company than you’re currently being paid. Walk into the meeting with confidence and don’t apologise for asking for a pay rise. Dress appropriately for the meeting and try to stay calm throughout your discussion. Most importantly, try to be as confident as possible when stating the figure you believe you deserve. If you’ve done your homework and are good at your job in Norfolk, there’s no need to feel sheepish about putting a figure on your worth.

State your case

Begin your meeting by stating your case. This is where your research will come in useful as you can use the figures you’ve found to back up your request and demonstrate that you deserve more. Talk to your boss about your achievements and what you feel you bring to the company. It’s also a good idea to use this opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to your company. Tell your boss how much you enjoy working there and how much you’d like to be able to stay and grow with the business.

Stay calm

Even if you feel very strongly that you deserve a pay rise, it’s important to stay calm as you discuss the topic with your boss. Becoming emotional will only make your boss feel awkward and make you look unprofessional so keep a lid on your emotions and stick to the facts and figures.

Show you’re committed to your job

A good reason for asking for a pay rise is because you want to stay with the organisation you currently work for. Being paid more will allow you to remain in your position instead of being forced to seek a new role at another company. Talk about how much potential you think the business has and how you can help it to achieve that potential. If you have any good ideas about how the company could grow in the future, you could pitch them briefly to your boss to show just how dedicated you are.

Give your boss a chance to respond

Once you’ve said your piece and made your case, it’s time to give your boss a chance to respond. If you just keep talking you’ll come across as nervous and the meeting may well come to an end before your boss has said anything of substance. You can either ask them to direct what they think about your request or you can simply bring your comments to a close and sit in silence until they reply.

Put it in writing

If your boss does agree to give you a pay rise, or if they agree to consider your request and get back to you in a few days, make sure you put it in writing. Send your boss a follow-up email detailing all of the most important points you covered in your meeting.

Ask for feedback

Although it can be frustrating when requests for pay increases are turned down, there’s still something valuable you can get from the situation: feedback. Ask your bosses to give you a little more information about why they’re unable to offer you more money at this time. If it turns out it’s something to do with your performance, you can try to use their criticism to improve your approach. If on the other hand, they can’t offer you more pay because the business isn’t making enough money, it could be a sign you’d be better off looking for a new job at a more profitable company.

If you’d like to find out more about getting the pay rise you deserve, or if you’re interested in finding out what other jobs are available to a person with your skills and experience, take a look around our site today.

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