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To save time and money companies are evermore turning to technology and interviewing over the phone is becoming more and more popular. Don’t fall into the trap of being too casual or being unprepared. To avoid this Just Norfolk Jobs has put a few things to bear in mind when having your phone interview;

Prepare your call zone

Ensure that during the call you are not going to be interrupted, take the stress away so you can relax knowing that no one is listening and can walk in and disturb you. Also if you are using your mobile and not your landline make sure it’s fully charged and you have a good signal, the last thing you want if your phone to cut off mid-interview.

Do your Research

Whether it’s a face-to-face interview or a telephone interview the level of preparation should be the same. So start finding out as much about the company as you can, go to their website and look at their ‘about us’ page, find out what it is they actually do, how many employees work there etc.

Write down some questions

An interview is a really good opportunity to find out more information about the company that is not online. If you are stuck on what sort of questions to ask during an interview here is some good questions to ask in an interview if you are struggling for inspiration.  

Have you CV to hand

The odds are that the recruiter will have a copy of your CV in front of them, so to avoid any awkward phone silences because you’re under pressure and managed to forget where you last worked, have you CV in front of you. This will make sure you are prepared for any off guard questions regarding previous work history of qualifications.


Okay, we know this sounds strange and we know your interviewer can’t see you (well we hope not anyway!) but seriously research has found out that people can hear your smile in your voice, it will also make you naturally sound more enthusiastic.


When the recruiter is talking to you make sure you take on board everything they say and take note of anything that could be of importance just in case they come back to it later. You can then review this at the end of the interview and see they have covered everything you wanted to know.


Before you say your goodbye make sure you’ve expressed your interest in the role and be sure to ask what the next process of the interview is, how long until you hear from them, and if you haven’t heard anything do you give them another call. Finding this out will also give you peace of mind and not leave you refreshing your email every 10 minutes. Above all else, thank them for taking the time to interview you and say that you look forward to hearing off them.

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