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Electricians or electrical engineers sometimes feel boredom in work despite advanced facilities and collaborative environment existing in the company. It is a failure of the employee engagement strategy and the current post throws some practical yet effective hints to overcome all easily.

Joseph is an electrical engineer working for more than three years in an electrical goods manufacturing company in Norfolk, UK. His role mainly restricted to planning and designing the products as a team leader in the department. Execution, monitoring, and testing go on the shoulders of assistance.

Thus, he mostly confined to office work and site supervision is rare for him. For two to three months he is feeling boredom during office hours, and interest in life seems to decrease a lot. One day he went to the HR department of the company and expressed his feelings regarding boredom at work with a senior and reliable HR officer.

HR professional had listened to him with full attention and promised to do something as well as show her gratitude towards giving honest and bold feedback regarding the work environment.

Now dais on the board of the HR department and they have taken the matter seriously. A long thread of discussion initiated among the HR veterans. They reached on the conclusion that it is nothing but a failure of employee engagement strategies or policies existing in the company.

They have decided some correction in strategy and implementations, such as:

They have started surveying, getting feedback, and engaging employees regarding employee engagement strategy formulation right from the bottom level. They have held some general meetings throughout the year encompassing all staff members. They arranged some bottom-level & mid-level meetings with team leaders of each department and their sub-sections.

After churning a lot, final executive level of the meeting held and concessions come on a full-fledged employee engagement strategy and policies for the company. HR department along with other heads of departments fixed a format of strategy and implementation plan. They have fixed a baseline and benchmark to track the decided goals for employee engagement.

Meanwhile, the HR office who came in tough of Joseph met him again and placed some useful suggestions to try to fight with his boredom during the work. I would like to cite those couple of valuable hints here.

1 – Mingle with Co-workers

HR officer suggested Joseph interact with other co-workers frequently, albeit respecting their time, interests, and mood. According to her, it is not necessary you talk on a work-related topic or chat about it. Many things are going on in the organisation like events, professional news, and something funny going on a daily basis.

2 – Pay Attention to Interested & Passionate Projects

She has requested Joseph to request special projects in-house and on-site as a priority of his work schedule to the superior authority. Challenging and passionate work can make differences a lot in attitude towards the work.

3 – Alter the Approach towards Project/Work

It is true that all work or projects are not up to our marks of interests, but we can deal boring work in a good mood and also make it interesting by some tweaks. For instance, if you heavily rely on paperwork, you can learn AutoCAD like computer drafting software and use it. Similarly, you can switch from computer screen to paperwork.

If you get extreme boredom in office, go to manufacturing site and spare a corner for a temporary table and start working on your laptop or paper there. The changed working environment will change the attitude of your mind.

4 – Participate in Learning & Improvement Programs

Learning is not restricted up to the academic life of a profession. Instead, it is a life-long continuous process. The majority of leading companies arranging training sessions to upgrade their skill stacks. Seminars and conferences are a better way to get mastery in a selected niche of skill sets.

She has drawn the attention of Joseph to upcoming events related to electrical engineering niche. She has provided a schedule of training sessions held in the company to improve some allied skills apart from the core jobs. The most important thing was that she had facilitated Joseph to take paying leaves to attend such skill improving events held within the country or abroad and get official fund for it.

5 – Helping Others in Work

Joseph used to allocate work to subordinate engineers and get free from the additional burden of participating with them actively in implementation. Now, the HR officer has suggested him to do it and also take interests in related works doing others in the same or different department.

He has found out the adjoining department is doing a lot of work where his knowledge and experiences in electrical designing can help them. Thus, he has started seating with those mid-level engineers and drafters during free hours and help them to improve their work or solve their technical problems.

It has earned a big prestige in his credit, and his assistants working own department started looking at him with admirations and respects for his technical and humanitarian abilities.

6 – Walk around the Office

Seating in front of computer screens for hours proves physically exhaustive for people of any age. Therefore, doctors always suggest that stand up and take a short walk after each hour of work for tech-savvy workers using large computing devices like desktops and laptops.

Joseph has implemented that advice too and started walking across the various departments after every two hours of work on the desk. It has improved his physical as well as mental health. He used to move among the diversity of people and stay for a while with some desks where he was getting the latest news regarding the department and company activities. These all movements have kept him updated for happenings in the company.

7 – Participate in Volunteering Work

Big companies used to arrange summer picnic parties, annual company parties, and various events. Apart from mere participation, you take some responsibilities to help to organise the team actively. Similarly, many small to big organisations offer volunteer work in great causes like environment saving campaigns. You can join the group from the company, which participates in such external volunteering activities.

It surely improves your rapports with co-workers as well as public outside will recognise your contribution and uplift your social image for the long run.

8 – Looking for a Mentor

Finally, the HR officer has instructed Joseph to come for mentoring if all above-given suggestions are not working for him and boredom remain intact. According to her many personal and professional nuances can lead to apathy and cause lack of interest in the entire job.

Right mentoring can solve the issue with the required care and attention of all levels.


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