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Spring is the time of the year when a person wants to change something in life, to renew and bloom, like everything in nature. Many people are afraid of changes. However, the vast majority of changes that occur with a person, are the result of his or her own actions and thoughts.

Changing a job is the biggest change ever. It is hard to decide on it, but if you do, you should try your best. LinkedIn can be your great helper. Some of LinkedIn job offers are not available anywhere else. This guide will inform you about 5 reasons why the UK job hunters should update their LinkedIn profile this spring.

1. LinkedIn is not Just a Job Search Platform

Currently, 433 million people use LinkedIn and 87% of recruiters are taking advantage of LinkedIn to look for job candidates.

LinkedIn profile writing service advises to keep these statistics in mind and make your profile something more than a usual resume digital copy. For example, candidates who turned their retail CV into LinkedIn were more successful than other candidates. When using it effectively, LinkedIn is more than social media for the job search.

LinkedIn can help you:

  • Manage important contacts;
  • Network and Search for a Job;
  • Present yourself as an expert;
  • Creep on other experts.

LinkedIn is a huge database where you can see how other candidates describe and designate their career paths, what is happening in your industry, and what’s essential for your community members.

If you max out your profile, your chances to get a dream job increase.

2. This Is the Best Place to Manage Your Network

Using tags can help you arrange contacts into groups that make sense to you. LinkedIn can become your database of contacts. It’s possible to share information with different subsets of your contacts. If you use a feature called “find alumni”, click on the logos for your first jobs, you can add contacts from your former employees. Such tools turn LinkedIn into the CRM system for managing your contacts. From now, you don’t have to use your email as the manager of your contacts. Don’t worry that you will lose contacts when changing the job.

3. People Are Researching You

Different people use LinkedIn to learn about you. LinkedIn helps you control what they learn about your advantages and about your brand. Who are they? These are the people you know or the ones that want to know you. All these people matter your employees, prospects, clients, managers, competitors. Each of them uses LinkedIn to learn about others. Before meeting you or before answering your mail, they will search for you on LinkedIn.

4. LinkedIn Isn’t Only About Job Experiences

Don’t skimp on the area that describes your interests, charity work, volunteering, and any boards you sit on. Show what you can do outside of work. It is a really important part of your LinkedIn profile. People are more likely to accept your networking request if they know what kind of person you are beyond your current and previous titles. So, get creative and learn about the ways how to describe yourself in a cv or LinkedIn profile.

If you have a special achievement or received a prestigious award, put it on LinkedIn! HR managers want to see successful people in their team. Clients want to cooperate with people whose records are proven. If you are searching for a job, show your past achievements. This move can be the winning one.

5. You Don’t Know What You’re Missing Out

While reading this article, someone may be reviewing your profile on LinkedIn. You should ensure that you are highly visible to your potential employers. It means that you should have a complete profile that is replete with the proper keywords related to your skills and thought-leadership. In such a way, you will have many opportunities. There will be no job listings in the future. Recruiters will take advantage of their social networks and tools like LinkedIn to search for the best candidate.

How to Leverage LinkedIn Benefits

1. Know what to include.

  • List your education and fill out the place you want to work in.
  • Don’t forget about a photo.
  • Try to grab the attention of the recruiter with a headline.

2. Be social

  • Engage all the contacts you have by sharing, linking, and commenting.
  • Connect with anyone you’ve met.

3. Keep your profile alive

  • Add the examples of your work output to your resume: projects you’ve completed, papers you’ve written, presentations you’ve nailed.
  • Make visual the things you are proud of.
  • Make your audience engage with you in real life.

Bottom Line

Like any other social media platform, the more you feed and interact with LinkedIn, the more it makes for you in return. Most of us don’t like boasting of our accomplishments or work. Many of us don’t dare to write a post. And it doesn’t help that the platform is hardly that intuitive to use in the first place. Some people underestimate the influence of LinkedIn profile on the process of job search. However, this article has shown you how important it is to update your LinkedIn profile. Catch the wind of change this spring!

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