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New studies have shown that almost half of employers have rejected potential workers after finding out what’s on their Facebook page.

But the answer isn’t to go offline and deactivate all your profiles…just have a little spring clean!

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I mean we have probably all googled ourselves at some point in our lives (guilty)…so quickly look yourself up and find out how much digital dirt you’ve left all over the internet, you may surprise yourself!!

While you’re at it, clear up as many of those old photos and status as you can, let’s be honest everyone has already seen those Fresher’s week pictures so maybe it’s time to finally delete them and keep them saved privately on your laptop.

Oh and not forgetting the dreaded tagged photos!! We’ve all been there…the Saturday morning after a few drinks after work ‘oh bugger is that me dancing on the bar!?’ So it’s always wise to go through photos you wouldn’t want your boss seeing and just ask yourself ‘would I be comfortable sitting next to your boss if he/she has seen this picture’ if no…delete it!

I can admit I love a good moan and I am guilty of going onto Twitter to vent any sort of frustration I have. However doing this it can make you come across a very negative person if it’s something you’re constantly doing, and nobody likes a neg-head! Soeithertry toning it down a bit or if you seriously can’t help it then I would suggest making your twitter private. 

Ever heard of LinkedIn? The billion dollar business-focused social media site what’s all about networking, and basically helps you build a professional version of yourself online a bit like a CV but a lot fancier. It now has over 460 million members in over 200 countries!! I can guarantee if you have an account either the hiring manager's or recruiter will look at your profile.
So if you are serious about finding a job and you have yourself a LinkedIn profile make sure it’s all up to date, crisp and a detailed summary of your career. Use keywords and phrases that you would find in a job description of a position you would be interested in. Add any qualifications or achievements you have and make sure you look professional…I’m sure that picture of you on a beach holding a pina colada is lovely but it’s more for your Instagram, instead try a headshot photo keep it simple.

LinkedIn isn’t only used for finding jobs, as previously explained many potential employers, clients and colleagues will research you up on LinkedIn which is why it is important to keep your profile up to date and looking professional.

However, we are not here to tell you what you can and can’t post on social media…so if you do consider Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram etc. to be there for your social life, and not your career just make sure potential employers cannot access it. Your private life is your private life at the end of the day!
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