What are your plans for the upcoming Bank Holiday? Are you going to be sitting in your local enjoying a refreshing beer? Or maybe you’re having a family day at the beach?  Or perhaps you’re job hunting? 

Well if that is the case it looks like you may be at an advantage… After all, trips to the beach and the beer gardens have a good habit of whisking everyone away from their CVs…. Plus if you’re clever about it, you should still be able to enjoy the Bank Holiday while getting your CV at the top of the pile, come Tuesday morning.

It’s been known that the early bird catches the worm… and with that, we’re not saying you have to be up at the crack of dawn! We know that a couple of hours spent on your job search in the morning may seem time-consuming but it will pay off in the long term.

So start by updating your CV and tailoring it for different roles that you are applying for. This will make a huge difference to the responses you receive. Remember your CV is the first thing your potential employer will see, this is your one chance to make a lasting first impression so make sure you focus on the elements of your experience that are suitable for that role.

While you’re playing about with your CV it may be a good idea to make your social media accounts employer friendly.  Nowadays social media plays an important role in our everyday lives allowing us to be more connected than ever. Unfortunately, though this means it’s very easy for potential employers to learn a little more about you than what your CV says…

New studies have shown that almost half of employers have rejected potential workers after finding out what’s just on their Facebook page.

Oh, one last thing! Never forget to proof read your CV or covering letter whenever you edit it. This is crucial as the last thing you want is your new CV to not make any sense and have loads of spelling mistakes.
Obviously, Bank Holidays are a time to relax and cillhowever, if you are thinking about a career change / starting your new job search and you don’t have an account with us, it may be a wise move to create one! At Just Suffolk Jobs we can guarantee that you will only be emailed roles that are relevant to your interest and experience with setting up specific Job Alerts. Also once you have uploaded your CV you are also able to apply directly to the Company or Recruitment Agency advertising the position making sure you don’t miss out on that dream job!

Good luck and happy job hunting!
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