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You’ve been searching high and low for jobs in Norwich or jobs in Norfolk and you have finally landed an interview for your ideal job – yippee! Landing an interview is always exciting but the closer your interview gets the more your nerves kick in. Interview stress hits most people, even the most experienced… So to make sure you don’t walk into your next big interview a sweaty and nervous mess, Just Norfolk Jobs have put together a few tips to try out prior to the big day.

Plan ahead, not knowing what kind of curve balls employers can throw at you can be pretty nerve wrecking. There is no way you can prepare yourself for every question that gets thrown your way, but if you’ve already through about possible responses to common questions, you will less likely end up tongue-tied.

Go through your CV one last time…we should hope you already know your CV like the back of your hand, but looking over it one more time never hurt anyone. It will prepare you from when you get asked about a previous positions or qualifications abling you to answer straight away with no hesitation.

Another way to plan ahead and feel more at ease is to have a full dress rehearsal of your interview, pick a suitable outfit and get either a family member or friend give you a mock interview. Don’t stop there why not have a drive to where your interview will be held so you know exactly where you need to go because being late is never the best impression. 

It’s the morning of your interview; you’ve already prepared your clothes, rehearsed the interview and found out exactly where you need to go. Brilliant! But don’t forget to plan for the little-unexpected bumps in the road like traffic, parking etc. The last thing you want to do is panic before you even get into the interview, leave yourself plenty of time for the journey. If you get there earlier that’s fine go grab a coffee or something! (Not alcohol!!!)

Sometimes you need to cancel or reschedule a job interview. Don’t worry though employers/ Recruiters are human too, and they understand that such things happen. If you do need to cancel an interview check out our Cancelling Interview tips

Make the most of the last minute bathroom stop on your way to the reception. Check your reflection make sure you’re looking okay. Stop and have a little breather this is also the perfect moment to practice your smiling! And in this time make sure you turn your mobile phone off! (Or at least put it on aeroplane mode) a vibrating phone can be just as distracting as one ringing.
Your interviewer knows you are going to be nervous, you’re only human! Try not to over think it, even if you’re not feeling confident at least act it. Use confident body language when you first meet such as looking them straight in the eyes, giving them a firm handshake and sitting down straight, so that means no slouching, avoiding eye contact and crossing your arms.

Stuck on what questions to ask in an interview? Just Norfolk Jobs have put together a list of good Questions to Ask in an Interview.

Below are some obvious signs you’re nervous and a quick remedy;

Touching your face and hair –

Try and control your gestures, keep your hands visible or take a pen to keep them ‘busy’

Crossed arms and legs –

Relax and find your best sitting position as long as you’re sat up straight!

Sweaty Palms –

Have yourself a wipe cloth to wipe off your hands

Shaking –

Take a deep breath, it’s an access of adrenaline that causes your body to shake.

Voice Trembles –

Take a deep breath to relax your tensed throat

Dry mouth –

Take small sips of water during the interview (you’re allowed to drink!)
Stumbling over your words –
Slow take, take a breather! Don’t be afraid to pause

Blinking –

Try to keep eye contact
(But don’t stare)

The best advice we can give you is just to relax and be yourself! An interview works both ways to see if you like the company and if they like you. Just go in open minded and be confident! Even if you fail – there is plenty more other jobs out there! Successful or not interviews are a good experience.

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