If you are looking to advertise for a new member of staff, make sure your not making the following mistakes when you put your job advert together.

1) Say who you are
Unless you're Google or Facebook, job seekers may not have heard of your company before. Make sure you give them a brief overview of what your company does so they know who they are applying for.

2) Unrealistic qualifications
Are you asking for 10 years’ experience and a degree for an Office Administrator? Realistically someone who has completed their NVQ and has 3 years’ experience could be your ideal candidate.

3) Get to the point
Adverts which are paragraphs of block text are very unappealing and unreadable to job seekers. Use bullet points, sub headings and short paragraphs which are easy to scan and find the relevant information they are looking for.

4) Advertise your rate of pay
Whether you are paying above or below the industry standard, putting a guideline for the rates of pay will massively increase your responses and make them more relevant as job seekers will know from the off the pay rate for the job.

5) Check your spelling
As silly as it sounds we see spelling mistakes every day. This can not only put applicants off, but if the spelling error is made in an important section of your advert (for example the job title or location), this could result in you not receiving any responses. Also don’t use abbreviations – if you are recruiting for a Sales Representative, don’t put Sales Rep!

6) Avoid meaningless phrases
It's a given that everyone wants applicants who are 'highly organised' and have 'great attention to detail'. You don't need to include this in your advert, it just increases your text and job seekers will just scan over it. Only state the important requirements.

7) Don't put your full job description in
This is a really common mistake and it doesn’t catch candidate’s attention at all. Write something punchy which entices applicants and give an over view of duties and responsibilities. You can send the full job description when the candidates are invited for interview.

8) Keyword it up
If you are looking for a Java Developer, don’t just mention it once in the whole advert, add it in as many times as possible! Search engine sites generate results from key words, i.e. the more times you mention it the more your job will come up in search results in order of relevance. So make yours count!

9) Fancy job titles
You might be wanting to call your Support Worker vacancy a Care Specialist, but this probably won't generate the responses your looking for. Make sure to use the relevant job title in your advert, you can put whatever title you like on their employment contract.

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