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Operations Technician Job in North Walsham


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North Walsham 



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Full time


Operations Technician





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Operations Technician

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced and professional Operations Technician with in the Oil & Gas industry to undertake safe and efficient operations and operational maintenance and inspection of the condensate Disposal system, and (BGY) Fuel Gas pipeline, and all associated Above Ground Installations (AGI's).


* Throughput of North Sea Gas Condensate from Group Operators to North Walsham Railhead, amounting to circa. 300kM3 per annum, with seasonal peak demands.

* Monitoring, Inspection & Maintenance of Major Accident Hazard Pipeline

* Work seasonal shifts and week-end work periods as required.


* Operational duties associated with pipeline pumping, tank-farm movements and railhead loading.

* To ensure that the daily pumping programme meets Group operator expectations with respect to their own tank ullage management.

* Supervise Rail Operator train delivery, inspection and despatch procedures.

* Maintain operational site & pipeline inspection and maintenance schedules and records for BNW & BGY systems. Perform duties in accordance with the BNW Condensate disposal system and BGY schedules.

* Supervise colleagues and contractors in safe systems of work, including risk assessment and gas testing procedures. Issue of Mechanical Isolation Certificates for maintenance works

* Respond to pipeline emergency incidents, protecting client interests at all times.

Decision Making

* Produce daily pumping programmes according to each Group Operator tank-farm status and to optimise NWA storage capacity.

* Prioritise and undertake operational maintenance and inspection work patterns taking due account of throughput demand and pipeline & Terminal protection.

* Offer recommendations on rail scheduling to meet throughput demands.

Contact with Others

* Direct interface with Group operator clients and their organisational staff for pipeline movements and with downstream organisations including receiving refinery, Petrochem Carless, and Rail Operator.

* Team player with ability to participate at local level.

* Emergency authorities when dealing with pipeline and depot emergency exercises and incidents

Knowledge and Experience

* Operational experience in oil, gas or other bulk processing industry preferred.

* Mechanical maintenance experience preferred.

* Knowledge and a working understanding of the risk assessment process and safe systems of work.

* Basic PC skills are essential for updating spreadsheets, using a computerised maintenance system and sending E-mails