10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Norfolk

Posted: 08.06.2017

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1 – Norwich could have been the capital

Back in the 11th century London and Norwich were the two biggest cities and it was a close call as to which would be the capital of England. 

2 – Norwich Cathedral has the second tallest spire in England

Salisbury Cathedral being the tallest spire in UK.
Man and woman looking upwards

3 – The name 'Norfolk' derives from the Anglo-Saxon for the place of the North folk. 

And 'Suffolk' being the place of the South folk.
two men having a meeting in medieval times

4 – The oldest pub in Norwich was built in 1249

The Adam and Eve pub in Bishopgate was built as a Brewhouse for the workers working on the Cathedral. Back in the day, Norwich had as many as 600 public houses! 
Simon Pegg sat in pub drinking a beer

5 – Norwich has hosted some legendary gigs

With the likes of Jimi Hendrix – 1967, The Rolling Stones – 1964, Bill Haley and the Comets – 1957, Nirvana – 1989, David Bowie – 1973, Oasis - 1994 and  even The Beatles who played a gig at the Grosvenor Rooms on Prince of Wales back in 1963 then went for some COD and chips in Valories takeaway down Rose Lane. 
Jack Black in classroom excited

6 – There are 41 Broads in Norfolk

The largest being Hickling and second largest in Barton. And while on the subject of David Bowie were you aware he mentions the Norfolk Broads in his ‘Life on Mars’ song he sings “From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads”.
David Bowie singing

7- Norwich is the second most tattooed city in the UK

A recent survey found that 41% of tattooed people in Norwich boasted more than six designs each.
Young boy showing off his chest tattoo

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8 - Norwich is the number 1 place to work in the UK

In Norwich, a staggering 77% of people say they love their job. ‘It’s also much more affordable, friendly and picturesque than say London or Manchester.’
Alan Partridge walking clicking his fingers

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9 – Few people ever leave  

About 40% of graduates from the universities stay on in the area, meaning there is a huge talent pool for local businesses.
Justin Bieber looking confused in graduation hat

10 - Norfolk Isn’t actually flat

While West Norfolk is relatively flat, much of the county is actually rolling hills and sharp cliff faces.
Hiker on the phone panicking

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